I have writen a complete step by step guide for installing the aircrack patched madwifi drivers for proper operation of the AR5007 chipset in 32bit Hardy 8.04 . Also in the posts at the thread below I have posted 2 scripts to both launch a kismet server and to return to managed mode for regular internet use that I wrote for myself and decided to share. You might check it out if your using a Atheros card with patched madwifi drivers or want to be.

Link to my guide

My kismet scripts are at post #13

If you do use my guide or scripts please post a comment on that thread to report your experience.

While there are other guides around mine is the most complete I know of. And I have had a bunch of people tell me it was the only thing that worked for them.

Anyone that needs furthur help feel free to PM me and I will try to help you out