I'm new to the whole linux distro, and I heard about ubuntu something being great for users who want to switch from vista. The only problem is that I'm kind of lost, and I have done the search find, but there hasn't been anything related to the question I have.

Anyways the problem is that I used the windows installer of ubuntu, and it installed fine. I then rebooted the PC to ubuntu, and it led me to the whole splash screen, and after more then a minute or so it ends up at a sort of a dos mode, and says busybox. I was kind of confused earlier on that I had to type something to get into the gui or this was the gui itself.

Not sure what I should do to get it working. I tried verbose mode to see where it stopped, and the only thing I see repeating is access beyond devices limit, and shows some numbers, and I'm guessing 74 gig was the limit, and the write was at like 144 gigs which I don't even have. I only have two raided drives that are 36 gigs.

Anyone know how to fix this? I'm very knew so I'm just taking guesses.

Thanks! I'm sure there is an easy fix just don't know where to look into. Any help would be much appreciated. I'm willing to learn new things.