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The CD shows up in the Startup disk part of System prefs now too. All that is solved.

Not that I can get it installed and booting, even with refit.

From the live cd, I used gpartition to create space after my OS X partition, and installed Ubuntu into there. No problems. The installer setup a swap and ext2 space and completes installation.

Then when I rebooted the Mac, I got a black screen saying, "no bootable device found -- insert disc etc."

I rebooted into OS X holding down the option key, installed refit, and rebooted. From the refit screen, I chose the Linux option for my internal HD. It then sat on the grey screen with penguin in the middle indefinitely and didn't boot Ubuntu.

I give up. This is beyond me.
This is a known issue. When you get to the rEFIt bootup screen, go to the partitioner. Tell it to update the tables, then try it. That's what worked for me.