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Thread: "menu layout" tool

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    "menu layout" tool

    I've been having problems with the "menu layout" tool (from here referred as menu utility) ever since I've been in contact with Ubuntu.

    I've always tried to stay away from it...

    The problems I have are diverse, and mostly random.

    One problem is when the menu seems lagged. This often occurs when I create an item and make several operations on it (setting name, command etc...).
    After this bug shows up, the utility crashes soon after.

    Other problem is when I create an item and it won't show up on the actual menu, but still shows up on the menu utility.
    This is a more sporadic bug, and when it happens I can't delete the item created in the menu utility.

    Some info:

    I'm running on 6.10 and yes my computer sucks (P2 450Mhz), but before you jump to any conclusions, know that I can run everything perfectly aside from the referred tool...

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    Re: "menu layout" tool


    Some help would be appreciated, I can't change anything in the menus without having a lot of "menu tool" crashes...


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