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Thread: "sudo -i" fails when domain is specified in 8.04

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    "sudo -i" fails when domain is specified in 8.04

    If I specify the domain name in System->Administration->Network->General->Domain Name, this control panel seems to add the domain name after hostnames that you enter in System->Administration->Network->Hosts.

    For example, adding the hostname tetsuo leads to this in /etc/hosts:


    Then, when you try to do a "sudo -i", the sudo command fails, complaining that tetsuo (without the domain name) is unknown.

    The only way to fix this seems to be to manually edit /etc/hosts and adding another alias like this:

    192.168.x.x tetsuo

    I'm wondering if the Network control panel can be fixed so it won't arbitrarily add the domain name to hostnames in /etc/hosts. It seems to do this everytime you save the network configuration, throwing away whatever manual edits you've made.


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    Re: "sudo -i" fails when domain is specified in 8.04

    Not exactly sure what you are doing, but if you are changing your hostname you need to edit both

    /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts

    you hostname needs to be the same in those two files.

    Other then that, if you are not changing your hostname, IMO best add host names (manually) in /etc/hosts as you are.
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    Re: "sudo -i" fails when domain is specified in 8.04

    Thank you

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