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Thread: polkit-gnome-authorization not showing up in Xfce menu

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    polkit-gnome-authorization not showing up in Xfce menu

    Installed Xubuntu Hardy beta, now fully upgraded.

    Reading the release notes for Xubuntu, I see reference to an application "Authorizations" (really polkit-gnome-authorization) that should be showing up in the Xfce/System menu. But it's not there.

    I can find it and run it using Xfce4 Appfinder. But why isn't it in the menu? I did restart this machine several times earlier this week, and have been updating daily for weeks.

    Are the Xfce menu items generated by the presence of .desktop files?

    Running $ locate polkit-gnome | grep desktop

    This isn't a big deal--but in general I'd like to know how to make items show up in the menu when they fail to do so automatically.


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    Re: polkit-gnome-authorization not showing up in Xfce menu

    Xubuntu seems to always been suffering from missing menu entries, lets keep in mind that the PolicyKit integration is a new feature.

    But... its also displayed in the xubuntu site as being located under "Applications / System / Authorizations interface" so it can be frustrating for new (and old ) xubuntu users.

    One way to fix this and other menu issues is trying out with Menu Maker , but again, it would be great to have all the main features included in the menus by default.

    Fix released:
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