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Thread: Networking not recognized with some apps

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    Networking not recognized with some apps

    This is a rather strange problem and I doubt I'll get a good solution but here goes.

    I have had 8.04 installed for several weeks now and it runs great, never had any issues with networking what so ever. I am using a wired connection, not wireless and this is just a plain old desktop with a single realtek NIC. Nothing fancy.

    In the last few days I have installed two applications, Amazon MP3 downloader, using the 7.10 Ubuntu package on their site. And I downloaded the Rockbox Utility "rbutilqt". The RB utility wasn't an install so much as a untar to a directory and run it from a terminal. Neither of these programs can detect my network/internet connection. They both give similar "host not found, check your proxy blah blah" errors that are way to vague to be helpful. I tried running them from the CLI and watching the terminal output for more info to no avail.

    Anyone run into this issue with these types of "3rd party" apps before. Any suggestions? Mr. Google has given me nothing so far, other than to try pointing /usr/bin/www-browser to firefox. That didn't help.

    Any other logs/info anyone can suggest looking in for more info as well?

    edit: I would like to say I know this isn't necessarily an issue with Ubuntu but the Amazon program has absolutely no help/support since it is barely supported by Amazon and it is closed source, and the RB util has a little better support but I am still unable to find any good information on this issue.
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