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Thread: Video Animator Help

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    Angry Video Animator Help

    Ok im using stopmotion animator with jpg files and this is all it does...

    .Ill upload an image and it will crash
    .Then I will get back in and I will get all my pics back on
    .When I try to put another one on it crashes AGAIN
    It asks for jpg pics like the stickman
    Please help
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    Re: Video Animator Help


    Have you tried Ktoon?

    After you have installed it you might notice no brushes and other tools. I found this fix for that, but the first time I typed it into a terminal permission was denied, so I first had to type sudo su which requested the boot up password then I typed this line and the brushes (plug-ins appeared).

    ln -s /usr/lib/ktoon/plugins/ /usr/share/ktoon/

    ktoon seems to only export as a sequence of images, but those will import to avidemux and export as pretty much whatever you want, I got an avi out of it and I have been trying for months to figure out stop frame animation with jpegs...

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    Re: Video Animator Help

    WOW! This is the fastest that I ever found help! First try in less than 30 seconds. Thanks for the information on getting the tools for Ktoon working. I just installed it about 5 minutes ago, and the website's forums were down. I thought this was going to be another endless hunt for information.

    Thank you!


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