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Thread: MX5000 Keyboard Issues

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    MX5000 Keyboard Issues

    Alright, so I recently purchased a Logitech MX5000 keyboard and an MX1000 mouse. After many how-to's and X crashes, I finally configured them correctly to work with bluetooth and not USB emulation. My extra buttons worked (for the most part) and i used xbindkeys to map the mouse. However, after I came back to the computer this morning my mouse and keyboard had dropped. I reset X and it crashed, so i reverted all changes i had made to xorg.conf and started over. Only thing is, this time after i got it all working (with some tweaks to the mouse) a window popped up saying the following:

    The X system keyboard settings differ from your current GNOME keyboard settings.

    Expected was model "evdev", layout "us" and no options, but the the following settings were found: model "pc105", layout "us" and no options.

    Then it asks if you would like to keep the X keyboard settings or the gnome keyboard settings. Regardless of which one i picked (i did it twice), my keyboard layout has a seizure and drops function for the arrow keys, delete, home, page up/down, etc. Now, pressing up arrow brings up the "save screenshot" window, for example.

    The weirdest thing of all is that the changes i made worked the first time, yesterday. I haven't updated Xorg or anything since then, and i didn't configure the keyboard any differently the second time. Also, i've had a PS/2 keyboard connected the entire time just in case, and that keyboard works perfectly. I'm getting the impression that it's evdev's doing, but i don't know how to correct it.


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    Re: MX5000 Keyboard Issues

    This started happening to me today. A quick search found this thread:

    With this solution:
    System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts

    Then either disable the two "Take a screenshot" items, or set them to something else. I have mine at Shift F3 & Shift F4
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