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Thread: Two cores never goes 100%/100%? Why?

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    Two cores never goes 100%/100%? Why?

    Hi there..

    I have an E2140 and noticed that, even when compiling kernel and other heavy stuff, the two cores never goes 100%/100%
    Thet always share the load... ex.: 30%/70%... why?

    Ubuntu 8.04 x86-64 here

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    Re: Two cores never goes 100%/100%? Why?

    it tries to even out the loads as best it can given that a single program can never use both cores(which is why you'll find that there is never a perfect balance across your cores). You'll find that input/output wait will most likely account for the lack of full potential from your CPU.
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    Re: Two cores never goes 100%/100%? Why?

    It will go 100/100 with software that takes advantage of multiple processors. Otherwise the software assumes you have 1 processor and the os balances processes between cpu's.


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