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Thread: 8.04 Laptop Battery Issues

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    Re: 8.04 Laptop Battery Issues

    Sony Vaio PCG-FXA48

    I don't thing the default "Power Management" works right.

    I installed kpowersave (it's in the repositories) on my PCG-FXA48 rebooted to xp and made sure everything was fine there as far as the battery was concerned (fully charged and being read) then rebooted back into ubuntu (while running on battery) and the battery info shows up like it should.

    Even ran it for a couple hours on battery mousing over the battery indicator once in a while and it gradually dropped and gave a realistic estimate of charge left.

    It finally got down to 15% left a few minutes ago at which time I plugged the power back in and it now shows it on a/c power and charging when mousing over it. 17% and charging with 30 mins. of approx. battery run time left.

    kpowersave will be in Applications>System Tools when installed and it has a few more options than "Power Management"

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    Re: 8.04 Laptop Battery Issues

    I have a toshiba l10-102 always shows on AC power no matter what. But the percentage decreases when i pulled of the plug. It is working perfectly fine on gutsy gibbon

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