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Thread: Gnome Workspaces?

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    Gnome Workspaces?

    How do you create more then 8 workspaces in Gnome? I put in 32, but it didn't create them (even though it took the number!)

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    Question Re: Gnome Workspaces?

    Waht version of Ubuntu are we talking about here... and are you using the compiz 3d desktop effects.
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    Re: Gnome Workspaces?

    ok, I put 32 in and it didn't work.
    I logged off and back in and that didn't work.

    So I forgot about it and had to reboot because it acting weird and when it came back online it had 32 workspaces!

    I guess you have to reboot after changing number of workspaces for it to take effect.


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