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Thread: F-spot does not launch when I add SD card

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    F-spot does not launch when I add SD card

    Hello, I have had PClinux and other distros, that when I add my SD card to my SD reader, the default photo programs launches and asks me what I want to do with my photos on my SD card.

    However, in Ubuntu 8.04 when I put my SD card in the reader.. My Pointer changes to the hour glass..(likes its going to lauch something...) then nothing happens.. I have to manually to into F-SPOT or My computer and open up the SD card reader to get the photos.....

    Any idea of how to have something launch when I add a card to my SD reader?

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    Re: F-spot does not launch when I add SD card

    I have a similar problem. After my upgrade, I now how two Open with F-Spot... when I right click on the sd card. When I insert the card, it tried to open, but it "crashes". Only one of the "Open with F-Spot" works. I would imagine that its a left over from the previous version in Gutsy. Not sure how to remedy it, but I might just re-install F-Spot. I don't have many images on here.


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