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Thread: Intermittent remote problem

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    Intermittent remote problem

    I have a mythbuntu setup that I mainly use for streaming from the file server downstairs.

    It has a Hauppauge 150 card, though I don't really use it.

    I use a Windows MCE remote and the USB IR receiver that came with it.

    However, I have also tried using the remote and IR receiver capability that came with the Hauppage.
    WinMCE remote with Hauppage IR receiver on the card
    Hauppage remote with USB IR receiver, etc

    Anyway, Mythbuntu or whatever program I am in stops responding to the remote quite frequently (ever since I did an apt-get upgrade to the recent version of Myth it started happening far more frequently - about every 2 or 3 keypresses now).
    Sometimes it will come back within a few seconds, sometime it will take a few minutes and some times I need to hit a key on the keyboard for it to come back. At that point it will process all the button presses I had done up to that point. So if I pressed jump 30 seconds 10 times trying to get it to recognize, it will do all 10.

    During testing of this problem, I ran that program that shows you the keypresses (irw I think) and when I pressed a key it showed up in their appropriately. Also, if I press keys, and say alt-tab to another window, the actions still get processed on either mplayer or mythbuntu depending on where it hung and not on the window I alt-tabbed to.

    I am not sure where it might be having problems since it happens with all programs that I have button profiles for (I just mentioned mplayer and the mythbuntu front end as that is what I use the most)

    My system has:
    AMD Athlon64 3200+
    2 GB RAM DDR2 PC2-4200
    Video card is an Nvidia geforce 8500GT

    It is just (but barely) powerful enough to do 720p video depending on how compressed the file is. Otherwise it starts losing synchronization between audio and video.

    I might guess that the processor simply can't keep up with everything, so I wonder if anyone might have some suggestions on what to do to help alleviate the problem.


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    Re: Intermittent remote problem


    Exactly the same problem here. Similar system (AMD 64 on Asus Pundit).

    Did you ever resolve this issue?


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