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Thread: No PPC support in 8.04?

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    No PPC support in 8.04?

    I have Ubuntu 7x for PPC installed on my older iMac PPC; however I see this statement on Ubuntu's main page:

    Note to PowerPC (PPC) users: The PowerPC platform of computers is not supported by the newest versions of Ubuntu. However Ubuntu 6.06 is still supported and available for your machine. Please use the link above to view the complete list of download locations to choose a location near you.

    Does this mean I Cannot download/install the new Hardy Heron version 8.04, or that I can't get support if I have a problem?

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    Re: No PPC support in 8.04?

    it just means you can't get commercial support from canonical, the iso are on the ports server, it is not mirrored as widely, and that major bugs do not block releases.

    see the FAQ in my signature for more information.

    download 8.04 for powerpc at

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    Re: No PPC support in 8.04?

    Thanks Ssam. I also like to keep an eye on the torrents using this:

    NOTE - I have only used this to get an idea of what's going on - I have never used the torrents listed there - I have only used torrents from the repos!!

    (I got this info from the forums here - if this isn't cool to post PLEASE let me know!)
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