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OK, that's pretty much what I expected would happen with those commands. Some people have been able to nail down their problems with FF, but others have not - there really isn't a one-solution-fits-all method of dealing with it. I suggest using the Search function on the forum to look for other people who have posted about FF being slow with scrolling, you will get a lot of hits. You can try some of the methods suggested, hopefully something will work. If not, I don't think you are alone.
Thanks for the help.. much appreciated.
Appendix to this... since you know the card Im using (right?) would it be unusual that movements and effects in Hardy are kinda stilted and others are not? Example... jumping between workspaces as a cube is pretty smooth, but moving a window or maximizing or minimizing is again kinda stuttering and slow. I just noticed that scrolling within compiz is even slow.
Are my settings chosen all ones to really slow things down or what is going on??
Thanks again!