Howdy, I don't know what the problem is - but after I installed Acidrip (and all the codecs necessary for DVDs, MP3s, w32 codecs, everything...) I can get it to rip the video from the DVD just fine. But regardless of the codec I choose (mp3lame, copy, pcm, lavc, etc...) the resulting .avi (which doesn't really play in totem but plays great in VLC) looks great, but has no sound.

I know the DVD works fine because I just watched it. I know MP3's play because I have a bunch. But my ripped .avi doesn't have any sound. I'm looking to keep my movies on my computer rather than keep the DVDs and I have a small HD (80 Gb) so I don't want to keep uncompressed .iso's. Also, the .avi file makes it easier to take with me on plane rides and long car trips - so I'm pretty set on ripping my DVD's to .avi format.

Any idea on what I need to install or do to get the DVD's to rip properly? I'm not opposed to using the terminal as long as I understand every part of the command so I can modify it when needed.