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Thread: Fix for Road Runner Radio FF 3

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    Exclamation Fix for Road Runner Radio FF 3

    For Time Warner Road Runner customers who are on Ubuntu and have never been able to get the RR radio to work here is a solution, install the the gecko-media player. Also because it installs gnome-mplayer I switched from regualr mplayer to the mplayer-nogui. All seems to be working great, and now I have yet another place to find music to surf the web by.

    You can also get the radio to work by installing totem but that seems to kill the mplayer plugin so I don't suggest doing that.

    Lastly, for whatever reason I have never been able to get RR radio to work in FF2. I think there was an across the board compatibility issue.

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    Re: Fix for Road Runner Radio FF 3

    Could this post be moved to Mutimedia & video, please?

    Thanks in advance.
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