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Thread: easycam log help

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    Question easycam log help

    ok first of thanks for anyone that helps and if this is in wrong place please move.

    i have managed to install easycam and run it, selected my camera and it generates a logfile on my desktop and i do not know what to do with it. i know it says to send some guy or some thread the log file but i am also well aware that these guys are french and i cannot speak that.

    anyway my problem is that the webcam doesnt work after using easycam(expected) but now im stuck at where i have to begin. here is the log

    Forum address :
    Email address :
    Please forward me the following text to one of following addresses :
    ID 0ac8:0323 Z-Star Microelectronics Corp.

    if anyone can tell me what to do next or even help me i will be grateful

    regards muted
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