Can you record music CD's on an 'above and below' optical drive?

I mean by that, that you insert the CD into the above optical drive, and burn it to the below optical drive?

How hard would this be to do, could someone explain it to me in (perhaps) non-technical terms?

This is a part of a post that I wrote to the 'System 76' section of Ubuntu forums that (so far) has not been answered.

I thought it might explain what I'd like to do in clearer terms.

1. If I buy a Ratel that has two optical drives can I put a CD in, in the top (or bottom) one, and burn music that way?

I had a friend that used his Windows (ughhh) machine in that way.

He'd put one CD on top, and burn another CD in the tray below. I thought "How kool!".

Might you be able to do some research and tell me if this is possible on your 'System 76' machines (especially on the 'Ratel'), or NOT.

Aside from that, can you explain to me why having TWO optical drives would be a good thing to do?

The reason above was my main reason for buying two optical drives.
Thanks for helping me find an answer to this question.

Thanks a lot for any help! Orca Wave