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Thread: DL DVD?! I need to back up /home!

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    Re: DL DVD?! I need to back up /home!

    Quote Originally Posted by ace007 View Post
    The alternative is to place /home on a new partition. This can be found here -->

    I am unfamiliar with k3b, but if you are having to backup your /home a lot you should really follow the guide.
    You can specify a home directory in:


    There is a tab that deals with shell and home folder selection.

    The default is /home/<your home>, but that can be changed to anything. I leave my home partition there and use another partition for all my personal data.

    Now if you need the word "home" to give you a warm fuzzy then follow the instructions that you have posted.

    I would use the command to backup the home folder to the new folder as the link you have says so.
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