hello...Today some funny things happened with my Ubuntu. I'm running 7.10. Where to begin?

I was trying to alter my trip points so that my fans wouldn't be on all the time. My temp. was 44, but still the fan was on. I couldn't change the points, but somehow managed to alter the CPU scaling frequency. I would choose one setting and half a minute later it would revert to maximum power (1.7Ghz). It didn't work at all. After some tweaking, I got it to work again, but this time with different values. Before it was 600Mhz to 1.7Ghz, and now it's 215Mhz to 1.7Ghz. There's a lot more values, which I guess is a good thing. Here's my problem...now my laptop (compaq nc4010 Pentium M 1.7 1GB Ram) is running hot. With the CPU at 215MHz the temperature will not get lower than 52. This means that the fan is running in 2nd gear as opposed to 1st gear when the temp was 44. Before, at idle, there was rarely a big discrepancy between M/B temp and CPU temp, but now it's nearly 10 degrees.

Is there a way to go back to the beginning, aside from a reinstall? Any ideas how or why the machine is running hotter, even though it's not doing as much?

Thanks in advance