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Thread: [SOLVED] Why choose Ubuntu over Fedora?

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    The installation of Hardy on my Acer Aspire 4710 started behaving strangely yesterday. After returning from hibernation, the (restricted) wireless adapter did not work. I've not had the machine for very long, but I'm quite sure that it has worked after resuming before. Also, my Desktop folder disappeared and ~ became the Desktop folder. I did some searching here but I could not find a solution so I decided to just slap Intrepid RC onto the machine. Both Intrepid and Hardy detected the Broadcom wireless and installed the restricted driver. The "problem" I then had was that I could not install any of my previous applications from my backed-up apt/archives folder, as they were all Hardy pacakges!

    To convince myself that I still wanted to use Ubuntu, I then installed openSuse 11 and Fedora 9 onto the machine to test them out. I think Fedora 9 is beautiful! The colours, the icons, the fonts and sizes! I was impressed. However, neither OpenSuse nor Fedora were able to use my wireless adaptor. They both showed it was present and knew it was a Broadcom, but that was all. Tapping the laptop touchpad in Fedora did nothing -- I had to actually use the button to click. Fedora used the correct 1280x800 screen resolution. OpenSuse allowed me to select a resolution but did not offer the correct one. I'm sure they are both great distributions, but I prefer Ubuntu So, choose Ubuntu over Fedora because it works with a Broadcom wireless adaptor and you can tap the touchpad to click
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