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Thread: Joined AD with SADMS, now I am two people?

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    Joined AD with SADMS, now I am two people?

    Using SADMS I joined my computer to my AD domain, then installed PAM to authenticate against it. My login name for the local account is the same as that of my domain account.... as are the passwords. So it turns out when I look at the user list there are two entries for my name, both using the same home folder and having different UIDs and GIDs.

    I'm thinking this is going to cause an ownership/permission problem somewhere down the line.

    I'm curious though-- how do I determine which account I am logged in as? How do I choose one over the other? I did notice that when I tried to log in as another user on my domain I didn't have to specify the domain name (as in windows, domain\username).

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    Re: Joined AD with SADMS, now I am two people?

    Hey!!! I was searching for that a couple of times!!!
    When I arrive at my job, I'll install SADM, so we could see the practical effects of it.

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