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Thread: Some little problems

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    Question Some little problems

    I'm a new user of linux. I've installed Ubuntu. It looks cool. But my audio (Realtek) and my graphics (nvidia 8600M GS) are not working.

    I loaded Nuke on it. Its working fine. But the problem is the shortcut is on my desktop. its not in the Start menu. How to get it there.


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    Re: Some little problems

    You need to install the restricted Nvidia drivers. There should be a icon near the top of your screen, looks like a card. That will launch the driver window. Then just tick off the Enable box, input your password, Ubuntu downloads the requisite drivers, and off you go.

    The audio is a little more involved. Realtek... I'm assuming an AC97 chipset? Gutsy and Hardy automatically detected and used mine right out of the box.


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