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Thread: AmaroK help?

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    Re: AmaroK help?

    Quote Originally Posted by redbob View Post
    I'm using 1.4.7. Amarok's default drive is Alsa.
    My default sound drive is Autodetected in Sound Preferences.
    Verify if in your sound preferences the option Enable ESD Software Mix is checked. It is the guy that allows you use more than one app to make sound, besides Audacity doesn't share sound. With Helix, Totem or MPlayer I can hear Amarok very well.
    Sorry, that question was aimed towards the OP; I should've been more clear.

    Thankfully, my sound works great now. Besides, I'm using Kubuntu (well, trying to fix it atm), so I can never follow GUI instructions from anyone, which can be a pain sometimes.
    I do not use Ubuntu any more, nor have I ever used Gnome. Therefore, I tend to give advice that is distro- and DE-agnostic, which, while perhaps not the easiest way, will allow you to move freely between machines.

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    Re: AmaroK help?

    I'm using 1.0.10 for Alsa, but I'm not sure if it is my default sound driver.
    The files seem fine...

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    Re: AmaroK help?

    Xiong, I just realized that the question came from you after have posting my answer... but don't worry, it was suitable.

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