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Thread: Ubuntu 8.10 won't install

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    Ubuntu 8.10 Won't Boot **Updated**

    Hi, everyone!

    I'm totally new to Linux, so please forgive me if this was answered already. I searched but couldn't find much info, other than possibly needing to burn Ubuntu at a slower speed. However, I've burned it at 2X and 8X, but neither works on the desktop. Knoppix will not boot on the desktop either.


    I wanted to install Ubuntu over the entire disc on my desktop (homemade pc, running XP Pro, dvdrw, 1.24 gb ram, 160 gb hd (i think), 80% free memory, intel pentium 4, Asus motherboard). This computer is/was infected by some horrible virus/worm. I tried to reinstall XP Pro last fall, but it would not take. I'm not sure what went wrong, but all of my old files were still left on the system, and came right up again. It was so bad at one point that I couldn't even start the system in safe mode to perform a virus scan. All of my anti-virus/anti-spyware programs (ever single one of them) went on the blink.

    I got AT&T Uverse at the beginning of the year, downloaded McAfee, and then Avira, AVG, AD-Ware, SpyBot, etc, and was finally able to scan my entire computer in safe mode. Before I did that, I found 1 keylogger, but everything came up clean with the safe mode scans.

    The computer started running super slow again, even thought there's practically nothing on it now. Best of all, my computer tried to dump itself a total of 4 times, luckily while I was sitting right there. I turned it off manually, but it still managed to delete/corrupt/disable programs like firefox, ad-ware, etc each time. The last time was yesterday.

    I was concerned about drivers and driver updates since I want to install Ubuntu over the entire harddrive. While I made a couple of hardware mods, my cousin built the computer for me. He's not readily available to help me with this problem. He gave me a CD labeled "drivers, modem"etc, but I don't know the manufacturers so I was worried about getting updates. I was advised to burn Knoppix and run it to look for all the driver info. Then, to install Ubuntu afterward.

    LINUS ISSUE: Updated:

    I ran Knoppix and Ubuntu (two copies, burned at 2X and 8X) on my laptop (HP running Vista). All 3 CDs worked without a problem. The only issue I had or check was being unable to connect to the internet.

    Neither of the 3 CDs will work on my desktop. I checked the BIOS configurations, and it is set to boot from CD first. On another forum, it was suggested that I try F12 on the desktop. I almost worked the first time. Ubuntu loaded, but soon after I got a pop-up stating that there was a boot error and that I needed to reboot the computer. I selected "OK", the computer rebooted on it's own, and windows started up.

    I tried again pressing F12 numerous times and I never got Ubuntu to start again. The computer is partially recognizing the CD. After the first boot screen, a black screen comes up and eventually says "Isolinux 3.63" etc, and just stays there for awhile before the Windows boot screen comes up.

    When I don't press F12, it stays on a black black screen with a cursor for a long while, then proceeds to Windows boot screen.

    Forgive me for the length, but I wanted to be thorough. I'm horrible when it comes to programs and configurations, and would appreciate it if anyone willing to help could answer in layman's terms.

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