Hello, this is my first time making a deb package and writing a tutorial, but it's quite stable.

What is AMES?

AMES (ASDT, MTASC, Eclipse, Swfmill) is a fully open-source ActionScript editing-and-compiling-and-viewing suite. You might have heard about sister suites FAMES and FAME, but neither of those are fully open source .I'll make FAMES deb later.

The deb package I made is an automatically configured Eclipse instance, and a workspace in your home directory that already includes an example. Skip down to "What if I want to use my current Eclipse install?" if you...want to keep your current Eclipse install.

Why do I want to install it?

1) Because Adobe's Flash isn't compatible with Wine anymore, and you can't register other versions anymore . And you can't keep copying that wine drive forever.
2) You love open source.

How do I install it?

On Gutsy and before, you need to install the swfmill package, which is only available for Hardy and up:


On Hardy and later:
sudo apt-get install swfmill
Now down this 80+ MB Deb package and be off on your way!


What if I want to use my current Eclipse install?

It's easy, too:

ASDT: Install this remote site: http://aseclipseplugin.sourceforge.net/updates/
sudo apt-get install mtasc
Swfmill: See "How do I install it?"

Open Windows/Customize Perspective and check the ActionScript box under New.

Some FAMES/AMES tutorials
: http://osflash.org/fames_tutorials

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Hope you love your new IDE! Post your suggestions, comments, bugs, etc. here.