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Thread: Wireless issues on a C2D macbook

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    Wireless issues on a C2D macbook

    Yes I read and tried the suggestions in the Macbook wiki, but I keeps saying server not found. Anyone have any idea, I NEED my wireless working. Thanks.

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    Re: Wireless issues on a C2D macbook

    I've also noticed that the madwifi tarball has gone missing. I used the svn option to get the code and compile, but it doesn't work anyway. I can see my networks, but I never even get the first green light when trying to connect. It was working until updating on April 21st.

    I guess that means the only option to get wireless working right now is to use ndiswrapper.

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    Re: Wireless issues on a C2D macbook

    Well having probs here too with madwifi. Been ok intermittently for last 2 months of hardy with some network manager oddities but was working fine with wicd. Now I can see all but connect to none, but then all my available networks are wpa (so may be wpasupplicant - been a bit too busy to delve as deep as I'd like)

    If someone can point me at a working madwifi snapshot tarball I will be eternally grateful. If not that then I know not what.....


    Well Bizarrely its all working perfectly this morning - no changes - maybe the heron mysteriously started flying at midnight!!
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