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Thread: need help with network connection

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    need help with network connection

    Help! I am trying to get online and hooked up to my lan, and
    I can't get ubuntu 7.10 to connect to my router. Following some
    instructions, i got to this line: "Check for a connection to the router
    1. Open a Terminal (Applications ? Accessories ? Terminal) and type the command: iwconfig.
    2. If there is an entry that says ESSID="" then see Setting Up WPA (the section called “Configuring WPA support.”
    3. If the ESSID for our router is shown there may be a problem with ACPI support. Boot the kernel with the pci=noacpi option"

    my question is this: How do i do line #3 ?? how do i boot the kernel ?? what kernel? do i do this in the terminal?


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    Re: need help with network connection

    Do some more searching for details (mine are incomplete...sorry), but you will need to edit a file (from a terminal):
     sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst
    modify the line that begins kernel Unfortunately, I don't remember exactly where to put the pci=noacpi option. Afterward, issue update-grub.
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