Please be gentle as I am new here and also new to Ubuntu.

I have Hardy Heron running as a dual boot with Vista Business, I have had it running for the last week with no problems, and I have been more than impressed.

I will be removing Vista in the long term but just need time to adjust.

Up to last night all was fine, and the Netgear Wireless system worked fine. When I installed Unbuntu I was very impressed how quickly it found the wireless network and all was well until early this morning.

For various reasons I am awake when I should be asleep and I am very disappointed to have to be using Vista again, to get on line.

When I logged off last night all was fine, but on logging on this morning, I have no wireless connection and not status bar at the top of the screen.

I went into the Newtwork panel but everything is greyed out.

Rather than mess around, could anybody help me go back to my nice Hardy Heron?

I have read a little bit and from what I can see it is as thought the wireless is switched off, which it is not.

Is there a simple way to either re set the wireless or the get to the problem.