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Thread: nvidia x drivers

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    nvidia x drivers

    So im pretty new to linux. Im really stuck right now. I have the geforce 9600 gt so i tried to install the new nvidia driver they have out for it. It all goes well untill I decide to save the settings and restart. They dont actually save and it just goes back to 800 x 600. I logged in with root and tried to save it let me but again back to 800 x 600 on restart. Usually logging in with the user it tells me that it cant delete the temporary file xorg. Please help me out guys I've been looking for about 3 hours now. And Im trying to get away from my vista os.

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    Re: nvidia x drivers

    You'll want to repost this thread in the Multimedia & Video section of the forums, this section is for producing multimedia content discussions (video editors, audio apps, etc...).
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