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Thread: verizon DSL connect problem ubuntu 7.10

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    Re: verizon DSL connect problem ubuntu 7.10

    NICEDUDE wrote, "

    I know why your DSL doesn't work
    DSL modems operate with PPPOE (point to point protocol over Ethernet) This requires support for PPPOE either from the PC (in the case of a direct connection) or a router (which then can handle it for you) Some Linux guru's should have spotted this but no one did I guess. I was about to suggest checking some other things when it came to me that you don't use a router and I was sure when I looked at your windows IP & Gateway and seeing that your windows IP was a WAN ip (71.107.XX.XX) not a LAN ip (192.168.X.X) Wow now that I figured that out how to get it fixed.

    You could buy a router (Netgear or Linksys Preffered) for $40-$70 and it will handle your pppoe for you with a little bit of config work.


    You can install a linux software that will enable PPPOE support for your system $0. While I figure this is what you will want to do, in the future you might look at a router down the road because on top of adding wireless capability they come with firewalls built in to make internet life much easier.

    All that said the problem was I found several places telling how to do PPPOE but they all wanted you to download a program from inside linux which isn't possible for you since you have no NET with linux. Finally I found the program at a Ubuntu Deb package site (deb packages are programs all packaged up that when you download them you can just doubleclick and install them provided they were packaged for your operating system). Well here are some links to instructions and the software you need. So you will need to download these links from inside Windows and then put them on a disc or drive that you can access from Ubuntu. You need to read up on what you will have to do to install and configure as even though I have DSL I use a router so I have never used the software in question.

    Forum post with instructions

    Source for software in question
    And a configuration program for the above

    Well that should keep you busy for a while and at least you learned something new today "


    Thanks for the super effort! You really are THE NICEDUDE. There are several postings/threads by very frustrated people who want to use Ubuntu but can't connect to the internet so they give up. This weekend I buying a KVM box/switch so I can get both my PC's hooked up to one monitor, keyboard and mouse. I'm also going to get a Linksys wired/wireless router and hook or try to hook myself up this weekend. I have no problem learning something new, that's one of the reasons I'm here. You are awesome nicedude, Thanks! Your solution should be posted for all to see in the Tips and Tricks section or somewhere the public can find it.
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    Re: verizon DSL connect problem ubuntu 7.10 [SOLVED]

    I'm typing this online from a LiveCD Ubunto 7.10, The solution to my problem was to get behind a router. So now connect to the DSL box through a Linksys router and all my LiveCD distros can access the internet. Thanks to all that helped me get on line. Now I'm going recover a windows 98 machine that I was using as a doorstop and put it better use.

    Thanks again!

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