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Thread: How to add repository for openmovieeditor

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    How to add repository for openmovieeditor


    I'd like to install openmovieeditor for feisty but I can't find a repository that has it and I'm not having much success finding a list of repositories or instructions on adding third party repositories.

    Does anyone know where openmovieeditor is and can give some tips on setting up the repository??


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    Re: How to add repository for openmovieeditor

    For gusty, it's in the universe repository. Not sure about feisty, but you can always install from source, which can be downloaded on the project's website.

    To add a third party repo, click system/administration/software sources and in the "Third-party software" tab, click "add". This will open a dialog in which all you have to do is enter the APT line of the repo that you want to add as source, e.g. "deb distro comment".


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