Howdy, you'all? Just last night I purchased the book by Marcel Gagne entitled, "Moving to Ubuntu Linux", from Borders in Pearl City, HI.
It only took me a few key pages for me to decide instantly that I must get the book. It has a DVD that I use to try out the linux OS--without actually installing it on my Windows XP OS. (Of course, if and when I'm
ready to really install it, the DVD also has ways to accomplish that, also.

For several years I've heard about the great features of the linux OS. I even have a previous book and accompanying CD that I tried to "test" the linux OS--but it did not work out as well as I wished it to. The problem was mainly with my OS, rather than the CD.

In the back of my mind I've always thought that "someday, when I'm good and ready" I will eventually switch over to the Ubuntu Linux OS--permanently. I am really "sold" on the great benefits of the OS, like very rare computer crashes, more stable security, rare viruses, etc., as well as totally free software/application downloads, etc.

So, I guess it's just about time that I switch over. However, since I only had the book last night, I am studying the first few pages on how to log-on, as well as--and very importantly--how to log-off and get back into my Windows XP OS--without crashing my computer to Kingdom Come!
Naturally, I have some very good Windows software and applications that I really treasure, as well as some very interesting, as well as VIDs (Very Important Documents) that I do not wish to part with--and therefore, I have to back them up first before really installing the new Ubuntu Linux OS on my computer--and "wiping off my old Windows OS.

In the meantime, is there any possibility for at least one of you reading this "short note"--especially if you live near or close to Pearl City, Hawaii, would please take the time to contact me via email, so that I could visit you and thereby actually see the Ubuntu Linux OS in action? You see, absolutely none of my personal friends nor family members are familiar, much less aware of the linux OS--so none of them can really help me in this matter. So, actually having "at least ONE" person show me his/her linux OS in operation would certainly help me a whole lot in learning at least the basics of the OS, as well as really speeding up my transition over to Ubuntu Linux.

I would really appreciate you contact me and help me out in becoming a full fledged Ubuntu Linux OS user.

Thank you very much!

Fondest Aloha!

Even if only one person responds to this SOS I'll be even happier than
Bill Gates, with all his money!