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Thread: Earn an F with Ubuntu!

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    Re: Earn an F with Ubuntu!

    Ummm....I use Respondus Lockdown and all of our our exams are open book/open note. Why do they have this then? Heck if I know. Maybe they're trying to tell us the exam is not "open internet" or they just want to look good when the accreditation boards go around to do their auditing for the online MBA.

    Everyone else is right that it's not hard to circumvent this with an iPhone or extra computer. Some of my classmates were already talking about that, actually.
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    Re: Earn an F with Ubuntu!

    Thank you for sharing. Everyone’s questions and answers are valuable.

    If a thread has had no activity for about a year or more, it is best to start a new thread of your own. Not only will you be more likely to get a response, but things change so quickly in the software world that an old thread may cause you more trouble than it will help due to outdated information.

    Please feel free to add a link to the original thread in your new one if you think it might be helpful.

    Best wishes!

    Thread closed.
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    Re: Earn an F with Ubuntu!

    Back to sleep thread.

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