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Thread: Earn an F with Ubuntu!

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    Exclamation Earn an F with Ubuntu!

    Major Universities such as the University of Minnesota and other MN schools now require students to have a Windows OS. The reason they are requiring this is because more and more classes have online exams. This is especially true when you take an Online course.

    For the three years that I've been a MN student I haven't had a problem using Ubuntu until recently. The problems comes when I try to take an online test. My school now requires me to take the test with a new web browser called: "LockDown Browser" by Respondus.

    Here is the link to the application:

    The LockDown Browser supports Windows and Mac but not Linux! When launched the browser automatically shuts down unnecessary applications that may be running. For instance, Pidgin, FireFox, Word, etc. It does this in order to stop people from cheating.

    So, if you only have Ubuntu on your system you're screwed because without the LockDown Browser you can't take your exam. Which means you'll earn an F! for trying to support open source!

    This is really troubling because I would love to use Ubuntu exclusively but am unable to do so until I'm done with school.

    I've tried to get Wine to run the browser but it doesn't work.

    Just thought I would warn all those students out their that love Ubuntu. You'll have to dual boot.
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