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I just did a lot of highlighting in Okular as the standard PDF reader in ubuntu doesn't support this. I then find out that the changes doesn't save with the PDF file, which is a huge problem when you work cross-platform. I tried Xournal too, but same problem.

This is a common feature in windows PDF readers (Foxit reader, Adobe Reader, Nitro PDF reader), can it be true that there's no FOSS alternative ?

I just tried to install adobe reader 8.0 from adobes website. Seems like I can't add the highlighting feature to the toolbar. Instead of accepting my settings as I try to press OK, the menu just scroll randomly till it reaches the bottom.
you could try Mendeley. Its highlighting tool works perfectly, although you can't change color. You can only use yellow. Note that it's proprietary (but free). It's easy to install.