Many thanks for the tutorial

Got it working great here on 64-bit Hardy with an 8800gt and it looks absolutely superb. I Just had to downgrade the ftl-dev package, I did this by uninstalling the original version via synaptic and then double clicking and installing the .deb file linked to in this thread. No command line required

ProjectM has really improved from the last time I tried it, maybe 9 months ago. I could'nt get the standalone version to compile then, so it only worked in Amarok and I couldn't get it to start on my TV, also a lot of the presets didn't work well and were very glitchy and full of artifacts. I guess that switching from an ATI to an Nvidia card might of helped some. So massive props out to the developers

If people want to uninstall projectM then you should install it using checkinstall this is a bit of software that builds packages from make files.

sudo apt-get install checkinstall
Then instead of using
make && sudo make install
just do
then if that completes
sudo checkinstall
checkinstall will start and you can type in a description, follow the directions, you also might need to change the name to projectm. Checkinstall should then build a .deb package and install it for you. This can then be uninstalled in the usual way via apt-get or synaptic.

I hope this is clear enough. There is a lot more info on checkinstall in these forums so do a search if you need more guidance or ask here