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Thread: HowTo: Print a ToDo List from Korganizer

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    HowTo: Print a ToDo List from Korganizer

    If you are reading this, you use Korganizer mostly for the Kontact list and the Calendar. But you also noticed the ToDo List function.
    On screen, it allows you to create To-Do tasks, Sub To Do's and has many other features to get you organized. The To-Do's migrate to your calendar as well.

    Perhaps it is only my printer, but when I want to print the ToDo list in the same chart format I see on the screen, the To Do list simply will not print.

    To get around this, I print it to a PDF file, open the PDF with other software, and print what I want. Here are the steps:

    1) Open the Print Menu

    File-->Print--> opens the print menu box.
    Print Style--> Print to-dos Click the radio button to print to-do's

    2) Select Options

    You can add a title. It will print only on page 1 of your document.

    Printing options.
    [ ] Print all to-dos. This option works.
    [ ] Print unfinished only. This option also works.
    [ ] Print only ToDo's in range. -- Does not work. Prints header only

    For your first try, select 'print all to-dos.'

    Include Information -- By default, all boxes are selected.

    Security Exclusions --
    [ ] Exclude confidential
    [ ] Exclude private

    Leave these boxes checked for now. Remember them, they will be
    important later!

    When you click [Print], the Name: box has the name of your printer.
    Use the down arrow to select Print to file (PDF).
    Note: Your other option is 'print to Postscript.' It seems to work, and I was able to open the output file with Gimp. For these directions I will proceed with PDF.

    Click [Properties]
    A4 paper is the default. I select 'Letter,' as that is what I use.

    Rename file and select location.
    The default name is 'print.pdf'
    and default location is /home/yourusername/

    3) Click Print.
    The .PDF file will be generated in the place you selected.

    4) Open the File with a PDF Reader.
    I like 'Document Viewer.'

    You will notice that your list is laid out in much the same way as it appears on the screen.

    The easy (and sloppy) way to print your list is to scroll down to the page(s) that hold the To-Do list you want, and just print those pages. Of course, its likely that some of the To-Do's before and after the list you want to print, will also print.

    If you want a better looking output, read on.

    5) How to Select What Prints

    Go back to the To Do list in Korganizer.

    Select a To-Do that you DO NOT want to print.

    Edit this To-Do;
    In the middle of the edit box on the right, you will see
    'Access Selector'. Default setting is 'Public.'
    Use the drop-down box to change it to 'Private.'
    Save your changes.

    Set to 'Private' all the To-Do's that you DO NOT want to print.

    6) Print your To-Do's Again.

    Remember that the 'Security Exclusions' selector does not print
    'Private' tasks-- unless you uncheck the box!
    All Sub-To-Do's under a 'Private' task will also NOT be printed.

    From now on, make all your tasks 'Private,' then change them to 'Public' when you want to print them to a PDF.

    I hope that helps someone.
    If you know how to print directly or fix the ToDo features, please post directions.
    Thanks in advance for all comments!

    --Trent T

    My system:
    Ubuntu Linux 9.10, running in 32-bit architecture.
    Printer: HP Photosmart C4480
    Korganizer 4.3.2 with ToDo last updated in 2007 on my copy

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    Re: HowTo: Print a ToDo List from Korganizer

    Please post HowTo Tutorials in the proper sub-forum to be approved.

    Moved to Tutorials & Tips.
    Thank you for your contributions. "So long and thanks for the fish!"

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