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Thread: Kubuntu hardy amd64 won't boot

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    Kubuntu hardy amd64 won't boot


    Tried to install the amd64 version of Kubuntu today and at first I was happy because the usplash bug with my graphics card seems now to be fixed.

    The installation finished without any error messages so I tried to boot Kubuntu.
    After the splash screen the screen went black and I wasn't able to do anything.

    So I tried to boot in safe mode.
    Everything seems to load fine because of the [ OK ] at the end but after the loading finished (the point where normally the splash screen disappears) I got the following messages:

    EXT3-fs error (device loop0): etx3_find_entry: reading directory #734425 offset 0
    stat: cannot stat '/usr/bin/screen': No such file or directory
    (bunch of 'No such file or directory' errors here)
    followed by a blinking cursor and I wasn't able to do anything again.

    I tried it with wubi 455 and 479B. (both with the latest image)

    I think I'll stick with the x86 version a little longer

    A little 'problem' I also have is that the installer always sets a wrong system time for me.
    I live in the CET timezone (UTC+1 standard time / UTC+2 during daylight saving).
    But this has most likely nothing to do with wubi.

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    Re: Kubuntu hardy amd64 won't boot

    Sorry for double posting but any ideas?

    I'd really like to install the 64bit version of kubuntu because I plan to run a 64bit guest os in virtualbox.

    There are only 16 days left to final state and it totally stopped working.
    (older versions used to work but with graphics problems)

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    Re: Kubuntu hardy amd64 won't boot

    screen should be there it might be that the ISO is in an inconsistent state at the moment. Try with the beta ISO.


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