can someone help me here. i can bring my pc to you or you can come to my house. i bought a pc at the compusa going out of business sale in frandor. the computer only has some basic form of dos on it. i bought 10 linux os from ebay for 10 dollars. i have been trying to install them for over a month now. i do not have enough ram to run a live disk, i only have 256 on my hp pavillion 700 which i bought from compusa. this computer i'm using with xp only has 128 and i cant even test the cd out on it either. basically i get to the screen loading linux kernel 0% on the pavillion and i can get to the tan and then swirly lined screen on this dell with xp. we called some used computer store off of cedar and i think they said they didnt deal with linux or they didnt suggest it. i can pay for you to help me, not alot of money though. any help will be appreciated