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Thread: HOWTO: chroot - admin [Ubuntu] Linux on another partition

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    I have two linux partitions - a handy set up that allows me to admin one from the other should something go wrong (e.g. with an upgrade) or I want to install something without booting into the other. I have discovered this through various tutorials / docs scattered around the web but nothing had them all in one place so here it is: charlieg's ace and simple guide to using chroot

    • This is a very handy way to update between major distro versions and I have done it for Gutsy->Hardy - if it doesn't boot, you can boot into the working partition and solve the problem from there!
    • The following howto should apply to most Linux distributions. You should even be able to boot into a liveCD and do this from the console.
    • You will need to install 'chroot', and 'mount' should be there by default.
    • You gotta be root (sudo is ok)

    So, here it is:
    [charles@localhost ~]# sudo -s -H
    [root@localhost ~]# mount --bind /dev/ /media/ubuntu/dev
    [root@localhost ~]# mount --bind /dev/pts /media/ubuntu/dev/pts
    [root@localhost ~]# mount --bind /dev/shm /media/ubuntu/dev/shm
    [root@localhost ~]# chroot /media/ubuntu
    root@localhost:/# mount -t sysfs sysfs /sys
    root@localhost:/# mount -t proc proc /proc
    And that's it! You're in! The environment is set up to basically use the core devices from your active partition. Now you should be able to admin-away without trouble.
    root@localhost:/# aptitude update && aptitude dist-upgrade
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