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Thread: Can I use Leopard on VirtualBox?

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    Re: Can I use Leopard on VirtualBox?

    I realize it comes down to legality, but I'm not sure why Apple wouldn't want people to run their OS on non-Apple hardware.

    I'm running Ubuntu 9.10 on an old Dell Inspiron laptop but need iTunes to sync my iPhone. As a result, I installed VirtualBox and XP as a guest OS. If Apple allowed me to run their OS in a VM on non-Apple hardware, I would have installed Leopard instead of XP.

    IMO, as long as you purchase the software, I don't see why you shouldn't be able to run it on any platform--especially, for Apple, if it means NOT running a competitor's OS. But that's just me...

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    Re: Can I use Leopard on VirtualBox?

    Quote Originally Posted by fjgaude View Post
    No, you cannot... there may be a way but it is illigal and not to be disucssed on these forums.
    It's not illegal at all. It's a breach of contract. Apple won't be forced to abide by their Terms and Conditions (i.e. providing support, etc.), but it's not considered a felony.
    Some of the top tech websites out there have Hackintosh tutorials, and many make the claim that it's perfectly legal. Just because it's bad in your opinion doesn't mean that it's "not to be disussed on these forums.". He didn't ask your opinion, or if it was allowed, for that matter. If it truly was illegal and you were able to back that statement up, you might be able to justify it, but you're not, so you can't.
    By the way, you spelled illegal and discussed wrong. At LEAST give unsupported answers with correct grammar!

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    Re: Can I use Leopard on VirtualBox?

    From the Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.
    If a post is older than a year or so and hasn't had a new reply in that time, instead of replying to it, create a new thread. In the software world, a lot can change in a very short time, and doing things this way makes it more likely that you will find the best information. You may link to the original discussion in the new thread if you think it may be helpful.
    Thread closed.

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