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Thread: Virtual Box CD-ROM Access

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    Virtual Box CD-ROM Access

    Just getting to grips with Virtualbox and have figured most things out on my own or using previous posts.

    I am having trouble with though with CD-ROMs. I have set up the VM to allow the guest OS access to the CDROM drive on my laptop. This works however if I change CDs the guest OS does not recognise the new CD. Infact it appears to continue to allow access to the removed disc.

    I assume that it caches the disk image when the VM starts - is that right? Is it possible to get the guest OS (in this case Win XP Pro) to use the Ubuntu mounted CDROM drive as if it were a native install?


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    Re: Virtual Box CD-ROM Access

    i have mounted my cd drive, but I get an error in my host OS, windows XP. when i try to open the cd, it says "windows cannot read from this disk. the disk might be corrupted or it could be using a format that is not compatible with windows"

    my cdrom drive is mounted as /dev/scd0.

    Thanks guys..

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    Re: Virtual Box CD-ROM Access

    ah interesting... ive tried a few different cd's, some work, some dont. the drive cd for my hplaser printer works fine but music cd is no good. ok confirmed, all cd's work appart from music... i can live with that. kneewax, thats weird, when I take eject a cd it can no longer be read.


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