Hi, I recently Installed through wine, the pc game Commandos: Behind The Enemy Lines.
The game works perfectly when opened from the *.exe executable.

The problem apears when I created a launcher in the "Games" menu. I use these parameters:

wine "C:\\Archivos de programa\Commandos BEL\comandos.exe"
The game loads but throws a black screen with no sound or anything. The screen resolution changes.

What I did was to open it via terminal, from the launcher. First it fixme errors, something about the screen, but again the game works from the exe. But now that I changed so many times the launcher path, I have this error:

"There was an error when trying to create the child process for this terminal. Failed to execute <<wine C:\Archivos» (No existe el fichero o el directorio)"
I have wine lastest development version from ubuntu repos. (wine-1.3.15)

I think that the problem relies in how the launcher is configured, not a wine problem.