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Thread: VirtualBox becomes slooow

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    VirtualBox becomes slooow

    Hi folks,
    I am running Ubuntu 710 on AMD dual Athlon 4600+ and 1G ram.
    VirtualBox runs fine and guest OS is perfectly usable, but some time after boot, for some reason starting Virtualbox becomes a nightmare (too slow to be usable). So I have to reboot.

    The only difference I can notice is that normally, using system monitor, CPU1+CPU2=100%
    and if before starting virtualbox cpu1=cpu2=100% no way getting it run properly.

    Apparently there are no processes eating up the cpu.

    Normally I use firefox,thunderbird and openoffice

    Any idea?

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    Re: VirtualBox becomes slooow

    Today happens to me too.
    It becomes too much slow.
    I had to restart to it become usable again.

    That is like the compiz filling all user memory bug.
    I just need to say that ubuntu has too much bugs to be labeled a user-friendly linux.
    That is sad.

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    Re: VirtualBox becomes slooow

    Hmm, I would not run Virtualbox on a system with only 1GB RAM. Upgrade to 2GB and your problems should go away.


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