Was ubuntu designed with the idea of updating from the net?!
I am currently running a server (server 7.10 with kubuntu gui) in a R&D environment detached from our domain - and like to keep it that way.

I'd like to setup and testrun my server with windows designed applications and explore the ease of migrating alltogether from a windows domain to linux environment if possible. I read most of the manuals and it seems quite simple exept for the fact that I'd like to do installations from cdrom and usb thumb drives, which is not clearly covered.

Tried installation of "Wine" from a thumb drive and CD and got errors "dependency is not satisfiable" ?? or " unknown package" or "package not found" ??
Is it incomplete or am I just not doing this right ??
Also tried the terminal window with
sudo dpkg -i wine.deb
no luck...

I have the new release in both .tar.bz2 and .deb file format, any suggestions of someone who actually managed to do this without installing from the net??