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Thread: [SOLVED] Need Help on VMware Server

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    [SOLVED] Need Help on VMware Server

    Ok I think I'm at wits end. I have tried to install VMware both as a virtual drive and a physical drive. I have a 300GB SATA drive and a 20GB IDE drive. I have Ubuntu on the 300 with 8GB for the / and the rest for the /home. Which is probably not the way to configure, but being GREEN. I would like to use the /home for a virtual drive area. However when I try to configure a virtual guest VMware tells me there is only 3.6GB left which is what is on the / partition. Is there a way to force VMware to look at the /home partition or should I change the partition. If, not then how can I change the ownership and permissions for my IDE drive to run the Virtual guest off the physical drive. I keep getting Unable to complete wizard: insufficient permission to access file. Please remember I am extremely new. I appreciate all help.

    Thanks Gary

    I sat for awhile took a break and got the physical drive to accept. Had to use gksudo vmware, probably read it somewhere and it didn't sink in until I took a break.
    Thanks anyway.
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