I received an infraction and II really don't understand why, I wasn't flaming or offending anybody I only merely stating my opinion.
I then PM'd p_quarles who issued it to discuss this and I was ignored.

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Apart from appeasing the nationalist Scots, I don't really see what independence would achieve. That said, I'm not very familiar with the reasons given by those who advocate independence, apart from the obvious ideological ones about not being ruled centrally from Westminster (although many people outside of London would probably think the same way about that). I don't care at all for nationalism: I find it bigoted and pointless. For me to be in favour of the creation of an independent Scotland, I'd have to be convinced that it woud make life better for people and not worse, and especially that it isn't the starting point for an extremely right-wing agenda.


The SNP are idiotic and clueless.......
I left the rest out as its no relevant.

If someone said the same about microsoft would they receive an infraction?..I don't think so.